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THE WALKING DEAD Game Season 4 Episode 4 All James Scenes (The Final Season)

THE WALKING DEAD Game Season 4 Episode 4 All James Scenes (The Final Season)

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41 thoughts on “THE WALKING DEAD Game Season 4 Episode 4 All James Scenes (The Final Season)

  1. james wasnt ooc because you can make a promise to not let aj become a murder and if you let aj kill lily you break that promise and not only that, james believes you broke something in aj as well (you kinda did but he was always kind of fucked up jdskfshjdskfhdsjfkdshfjds)

  2. I just realize that James is played by Johnny Young Bosch better known as Adam from Power Rangers. Also i don't know why but i'm glad i told AJ not to kill Lilly since this was a crazy to see James crazy. But i do wish i killed her though.

  3. Is everyone forgetting the fact that James was a stone cold killer before meeting Clem and the others? I wasn’t surprised by his sudden change in demeanor. The minute I met him, I already had a bad feeling his pacifist personality wasn’t going to stick around. Or that something would trigger him to make him revert to his old self. As brilliant as it was to sneak onto the boat under a hoard of walkers, I did NOT want to trust James. You can see it in his insistent ways that he wants people to believe in his way of thinking when it’s just too dangerous to believe in his lifestyle. I’m glad they give you the option to tell him he can’t force his beliefs down others throats because that’s pretty much what he’s doing by trying to “save” AJ.

  4. Why is James angry? Of course someone would get fired up after murder. Sure, AJ shouldn’t have shot her like 4 or 5 times. But, if he didn’t shoot her, James would be dead. James is a peaceful person, but he tries to force his way onto people. If you didn’t have Clementine agree with his “philosophy“ then he’d say you weren’t open minded and welcoming. And then James has the nerve to try and kidnap AJ 2 times. And he calls Clementine a monster! Get oughta here.😑 Also, AJ says that he shouldn’t have said he liked it and it didn’t exactly match his feelings. And, AJ made many good points when he explains himself. If AJ says he won’t enjoy killing, then we should trust him. It’s not like he’s ever lied to us. (By the way I haven’t even watched the video, I needed to rant when I saw the thumbnail)

    I’ve always noticed that James judged clementine.

  5. James still have his violence side in him. Seeing AJ killed Lily like that clearly breaks him down that he broke his own rule. He tried to abduct AJ, threaten to break Clem's leg. Its clear that the world he's in really fucked his mind, that his philosophy he believed in couldn't work because things are messed up.

  6. James proceeds to beat Clem and kidnap AJ

    James get bit and cut as AJ tries to defend himself

    James proceeds to blames Clem for these actions

    Me: WTF was he expecting to happen?!?

  7. Aj never liked killing, he just misspoke (what can you expect he's like 6) but corrected himself when he elaborated later, he liked protecting his family just like James did but cus Aj couldn't throw a rock to distract Lily from stabbing James in the spine at the end of episode 3 he's suddenly got mad bloodlust. fuck off James I regret saving you.

  8. What’s scary is that both sides have a point. AJ was acting a bit psycho with shooting Lilly several times after she already died, but at the same time, she had done many irredeemable things and would have killed him had she let him live.

    Still seeing that side of James is freaky. It was a good reminder that he was a cold-stone killer before he changed.

  9. It's true that Aj shouldn't enjoy killing and should learn to control his anger but James philosopy cannot work in an apocaliptic world full of zombies: being kind and merciful all the time it's impossible and last episode proved it with the choice of sparing Lily: she took advantage of it and killed James. Aj was the one who had the gun and the only one who could have killed her in that moment

  10. I was really skeptical with the way James behaved in ep 4 at first and while I know they had to have him act that way to make the way they had things planned out work I could also see him being triggered by me Clem telling Aj to shoot. I mean he spend years in isolation becuase he couldn't take the lifestyle the new world confronted him with. I actually was alright with how things turned out when he did stay behind to fend off the walkers, though I gotta say: Him being there in the end would have made the happy ending just the right amount of perfect

  11. James was such a cool character that had such a different mind set to the other characters. It sucked what they did to his character in this episode. I get his point completely but attacking Clem and abducting AJ is not the answer. He should know that as well but apparently not.

  12. I’m surprised there’s no [slap him] option seriously I would of slapped Aj so hard for saying he enjoys killing it reminds me of the characters from the tv show

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